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Covid- 19 & telemedicine info

To protect our patients & care givers as COVID-19 continues to spread, we have instituted new policies at Brownstone Psychiatry. Effective immediately, TELEMEDICINE will be used as a safe & effective means of treating our patients.


1. Please click on the following link https:\\\download to download "Zoom Client for Meetings".

The username must be patients first & last name and DOB (mm/dd/yy).


Username Example : Johnadams11820 or Johnadams011820

2. Call the office at (281)-251-3030 to submit payment and receive access ID, 15 minutes prior to appointment.

3. Once this is completed, login to Zoom and enter the access code join your TELEMEDICINE session



Brownstone Psychiatry cares about the well being of both patients and care givers so please remember to ...


Q: Will telemedicine be permanent?

A: No

Q: How long will telemedicine last?

A: To be determined on the course of the pandemic, our main goal is safety first.

Q: Will I still receive medicine, including controlled substances?

A: Yes

Q: What do I need in order to use telemedicine?

A: We are using the app Zoom, it is compatible with both computers & smart phones 

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